Seven ways Long Island cleaning services cut the waste

Long Island cleaning services cut waste

Cleaning your family home is in many ways a necessary evil.

No one really likes to roll up their sleeves and get it done but for the sake of good health, we have to.

The University of Indiana, in a recent study, found people who live in clean houses are likely to be in better physical shape.

Turns out working up a sweat when cleaning is good for your overall health.

What do you do when you find yourself in a pickle with house cleaning?

Suppose the lady of the house is heavily pregnant and your two-year-old is running stark raving mad. You’ll be a grumpy mess and cleaning will be the last thing on your mind.

A viable solution is to sift through reliable Long Island cleaning services near you.

Before you dismiss a cleaning service as being ridiculously unnecessary, check out how cleaning services can help you maintain a clean home and save you money too.

Call it a win-win.

 1. Green cleaning

Do you know how much of our waste goes to landfills?

If you did, you’d probably think twice before using conventional detergents to clean your home.

A whopping 55% of our waste ends up in landfills.

In our relentless quest to fight bacteria in our homes, we’ve become slaves to a wide array of harmful cleaning products found in supermarkets.

When you opt for eco-friendly cleaning products, you’re easing the waste burden which has now become a headache to environmental conservationists.

Consumers have the power to dictate the kind of cleaning products available in the market.

Simply keep off these harmful products at-all-costs and they’ll fizzle out on their own.

2. You can’t clean everything

Perhaps you’re great at keeping the kitchen spotless, but terrible with the bathroom.

Maybe it’s those hard to reach places that give you don’t like cleaning often.

In the fast-paced world, today, it’s easy for some cleaning tasks around the home to go unnoticed.

Clean what you can when you can. Leave the heavy lifting to seasoned professionals.

3. A Clean House is a Money Saver in the Long Run

A clean and healthy household for your family is probably the biggest investment one will ever make.

Taking proper care of all surfaces, through regular cleaning, helps to maintain its value.

That’s not all.

Regular home cleaning from a professional reduces the effects of wear and tear.

Some of the surfaces in your home that require regular cleaning include:

  • Counter-tops
  • Walls
  • Tiles
  • Baseboards
  • Built-in cabinets among others.

The longer you allow such surfaces to go without proper cleaning, the more money you’ll spend revamping them.

Spills around the house that go unnoticed accumulate to form hard to clean layers. This calls for more drastic and costly measures to undo the damage.

Without a regular cleaning schedule, you run the risk of incurring higher costs on repairs and replacements.

When you declutter and clean your living space often, you’ll be surprised by what you find. Many items will still have some life left in them and can be re-used.

For example, if you have a pet, you can stack a pile of old towels outside the door during the rainy season to avoid a muddy mess in the house.

There are many Long Island cleaning services that you can choose from but take your time and find one which offers the best value for your money.

4. How Valuable do you Consider your Time to be?

Time is money. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save more of it?

Professional cleaning services understand this all too well.

They have reasonable charges and can help free up your time. You can finally get to do some of the things you love like catching up on your reading.

Do you spend most Saturdays indoors wiping and scrubbing?

Think of the many ways a cleaning service can give you back some of this time.

The time you budget for home cleaning is time you can give back to yourself and your family. When a cleaning professional takes over, you’ll have more time to bond with family and friends.

Time spent with family and friends isn’t just valuable–it’s priceless too.

5. Keep Allergies at Bay with Long Island Cleaning Services

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases discovered children in the Southern states have a higher allergy prevalence attributed to dust mites.

Young children who are exposed to dust over long periods exhibit flu-like symptoms and increase their chances of experiencing allergic reactions.

Dust is unpredictable and accumulates in areas which you least expect.

Let’s take a bedspread for instance.

Even after a couple of days of continued use, it may still appear stain-free to the naked eye. In reality, however, it’s a powerhouse of harmful bacteria and allergens.

Long Island Cleaning Services are trained and have the necessary experience to tackle one of the most common allergens; dust.

If you have little ones in your home, it’s important that you maintain a high level of hygiene.

Children are more likely to pick up infections if your home is germ-infested.

For some weird reason, toddlers often get attracted by the dirtiest crevices in your home.

Allergen cleaning  is a practical solution you can use to rid your home of common allergens

6. You Pay for the Convenience

Do you have a crazy busy schedule?

Does it get in your way of maintaining a clean house?

Fret not. Professional cleaning services work at your convenience. They come to your home when it best suits you.

That’s why there should be open communication channels between you and your professional cleaner.

Do you want your home to be cleaned when you’re busy at work? or does a weekend clean-up sound better?

Most cleaning services are flexible and can draft a tailor-made schedule just for you.

7. Eliminate the Risk of Injury

Proper house cleaning is not just about creating a hygienic environment for you and your family.

It also involves keeping living areas orderly and neat. Keeping staircases and floors clear of slip hazards.

Maintaining a clean home is an essential element of child-proofing your home and avoiding accidents.

All spills should be wiped as soon as they happen and doorways clear of any clutter. Tripping over uncollected objects is a leading cause of sprains and head injuries around the home.

​Long Island cleaning services are not a luxury and make practical sense.

When you watch professional cleaners engrossed in their work, you’ll notice that they clean fast and right and don’t try to cut corners.

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