Green Cleaning With Lemon Juice

Did you know that green cleaning with lemon juice is a very effective way to fight those stubborn hard water stains and many other alkali stains around the house?

Originally sought primarily for its juice, this natural member of the Citrus family  has many useful applications in homes that you might not readily notice until you are told. It has a long history in homes, dating back to the times of Ancient Romans who may have kept them a secret. At this time, it's use was centered around its medicinal properties and and occasionally as an ornamental plant .

Lemon Juice - A Natural Brightener

Aside from the culinary importance, it may be one of mother nature’s favorite cleaning  agents. With  lemon  juice you  can  eliminate  some of the  toxic and expensive  home  detergents and cleaners as it can keep your home sparkling clean and germ free.

Green cleaning with lemon juice

Properties of lemon that makes it stand out:

  • Lemon is an environmentally friendly cleaning agent as it is from nature itself.
  • It is effective on many stains as it contains 5-6% citric acid.
  • Lemon juice is gentle enough to clean most household items.
  • Tough enough to remove rust and hard water stains.
  • An inexpensive and readily available cleaning product.
  • It's safe for your family.
  • It has a pleasant smell and leaves no harsh fumes behind.

Most prefer green cleaning with lemon juice simply because of its scent. It possesses a mild soft and fresh aroma, which it leaves on items it works on. Many air freshener imitate this scent using chemicals.

How to Use Lemon Juice for Cleaning:

AN AIR FRESHENER: All you need is a plastic spray bottle. Make a mixture of lemon juice and water and pour it in. Use it anywhere to distribute a pleasant fragrance that is essentially chemical free.

A NATURAL BLEACH: Lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent as it whitens white clothing when you use it to wash it. What it does is to simply remove any stains found in the cloth, leaving it clean and whiter than ever.

STAIN REMOVER: It is a good stain remover for both fabrics and surfaces alike. You can use it on tables, wooden shelves, in the sink or on fabrics to remove blood, milk, oil or wine stains.

AS MOLD REMOVER: It's as powerful for removing mold as bleach and lots safer.

A GREAT POLISH: It is perfect as a shoe shiner or as a metal polisher for brass or copper materials. You can polish many other surfaces with lemon, including wood.

AN ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER: It is perfect for cleaning most household items and equipment. Use it for cleaning fridges, microwave, gas cooker, dishes, and laundry. Places like the bathroom and toilet are ideal as well as objects like furniture or glass/mirror.

RUST REMOVER: Lemon juice works great on many rust and hard water stains and it is so much safer than the traditional  lime, scale and rust removers' available at the stores.