About Saltaire House Cleaning

At Saltaire House Cleaning, our mission is to exceed the expectations
of every Long Island client who calls on us for our green cleaning services.
House cleaning on your schedule

We'll never force to you have the cleanings when WE want you to. The schedule is based on YOUR needs. Set-up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even occasional cleanings. There are no contracts!

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True green cleaning

We use ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, thyme oil, microfiber cloths and other eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your home.

We are a Long Island green cleaning service. We have been proudly serving homes on Long Island since 2011 and enjoy the help we can provide you with when you are in need of house cleaning and you want it done using natural products.

Our Green Cleaning Philosophy

I read the labels in the supermarket. The food ingredients, the cleaning product contents. I guess it's just my curiosity that takes me there. I've wondered, when did we start ingesting all of these chemicals? Why do they seem to be in everything that we eat and drink and breathe? Do we really need them everywhere? What are they doing to my body?

When we started the cleaning company, we purchased a bucket of conventional cleaning supplies. They collected dust for a few months while we worked hard to get our first customer. Somehow, we never did use that initial investment. After reading the labels and learning about the ingredients, we decided to do green cleaning.

So what exactly IS 'green'?

We believe it's a way of life.

Our Green Cleaning Company

Our Long Island Staff

Our entire staff is friendly and professional and have excellent references. They are all trained in use of our green cleaning products and standards. We understand how important it is to keep harmful chemicals out of your home. Our attention to detail rises above the average Long Island maid service. Our deep industry experience allows us to effectively refresh your home or apartment with quality and efficiency. With rentals, homes, or condos, our team gets in and out fast, providing outstanding work while maintaining affordable rates. To ensure safety throughout your property, our house cleaning specialists only use the safest, green cleaning products.

We know how busy life can be in Long Island. With Saltaire house cleaning, there is no reason to worry about putting aside time for your cleaning chores. Just give us a call, or fill out our online request form and we will do the rest. It's that simple!

Want your own personal green cleaning team?