Green Cleaning With Vinegar - A Natural Disinfectant

Vinegar has been used as a disinfectant since the Roman times. Even our grandmothers have used vinegar to clean the home. What is interesting is the fact that a new generation is slowly realizing the benefits of vinegar and squirting it around their kitchens. It’s not just because vinegar is more affordable, or its non-toxicity or biodegradability. There are many reasons why people are increasingly turning back to vinegar for their green house cleaning.

While the conventional products are designed to make domestic life easier, they are loaded with toxic and polluting substances. These chemical based commercial products not only raise long-term health and environmental concerns but can be more expensive. Vinegar is a healthier and more environmentally responsible bleach substitute.

Vinegar: a natural cleaner
Avoid Cleaning Chemicals

Why Should You Avoid Bleach?

If you have used chlorine bleach-based products to eradicate germs living on a countertop or anywhere else in your house, you probably already know how harsh they are for your health. If not, they will leave you gasping for breath. According to some food safety experts, bleach is the only material that should be used as a disinfectant solution against food borne illness. The fact is chlorine bleach can be an extremely effective germ killer, but the production process for chlorine bleach is pretty nasty.

During production, it releases cancer-causing dioxin as well as brain-damaging mercury into the air surrounding chlorine plants. Regardless of whether you hate this fact or not, each time you

buy chlorine based bleach, you inadvertently promote its production which adversely impacts our environment.   Moreover,  mixing   bleach   with  some chemical   cleaners produces toxic fumes hich is pretty dangerous for your lungs. You have to be even more careful if you use household cleaners and bleaches when you have small kids at home since their body is in active development phase and exposure to harmful fumes can adversely impact their health.

Natural Cleaning - Our Bleach Substitute

It is natural to wonder whether there is any safe and green alternative to bleach. Distilled white vinegar works extremely well as a disinfectant. It generally contains 5%-7% acetic acid. It's the acetic acid that makes vinegar so effective against microbes. A recent article published by the American Society For Microbiology indicates that a 6% solution of acetic acid (vinegar) effectively kills the tuberculosis bacteria, E. Coli, and many other pathogens. This article calls vinegar: an effective, economical biocide.

There are so many products on the shelves these days. When you go into the department stores, you'll see cleaning products labelled as: bathroom cleaners, kitchen cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, and more. You can have one for showers, another for toilets and yet another for counter tops. Why go through all  of  this  trouble  when  you  can  have  one  simple  but  potent  solution  for conquering germs? Vinegar is practical, inexpensive, biodegradable, safe for your family, gentle on surfaces and the environment!

We have a few green cleaning recipes for vinegar to help you with your housekeeping needs. I'll be posting them up to the website very soon! In the mean time, if you want to read about an amazing way to remove fun-tack from your walls, I just posted it in the tips section.