How to clean your beautyblender cheaply without harsh chemicals

how to clean a beautyblender

Keeping your home sparkling and organized is not the only thing we cover in this blog. You can clean just about anything without harsh chemicals.

Beauty products are no exception! Just like anything else in your home, they need a little a little maintenance every now and then.

If you clean your makeup sponge as often as you clean your brushes, keep reading to find out why it’s a good idea to clean it regularly.

Introducing the Beautyblender Application Tool

The Beautyblender is a handy beauty application tool that many people use to apply their makeup products.

This tool is handy to use for anyone who wants a smooth and quick makeup application.

The issue with the product is that it absorbs a considerable amount of bacteria, which will lead to bacteria growth.

The key to using a Beautyblender is not only to know how to use it as an application tool, but to know also how to properly cleanse your Beautyblender.

The best way to clean the Beautyblender application sponges is to use a natural based approach, as this is a more gentle and healthy manner to go about it.

For those with more acne prone skin, it may be a good idea to lightly clean off your Beautyblender after every use.

All you need to quickly clean up your Beautyblender after you apply your face makeup is a clean spray bottle, some liquid dish soap or natural baby shampoo, and some clean water.

Put some liquid soap or natural baby wash into your empty spray bottle. Pour some clean water into this bottle. Shake up the mixture of water and soap.

Once it is shaken up, you can spray your Beautyblender with the soap and water spray. Spray thoroughly and then you rinse off your reusable makeup sponge in the sink.

Set it on a clean washcloth on your vanity, dresser, or bathroom counter to dry.

This is not the only way to clean your Beautyblender. You will have to do more vigorous regular weekly cleaning of your applicator even if you do quick wash ups everyday.

How to Store Your Beautyblender

One way to keep your makeup sponges cleaner for longer is to properly store them.

Place your Beautyblender in a mesh bag by itself, a well ventilated place, or a clean dry washcloth.

Beautyblenders do not belong in a makeup bag as they can become filled with bacteria if they are surrounded by makeup products in a cramped cosmetics bag.

Never forget that it’s just best to store your applicator separately from your other makeup products and tools.

When To Dispose of Your Beautyblender

Beautyblenders are reusable makeup sponges.

They are not like single use makeup sponges that you have to throw out after one makeup application.

A Beautyblender can last for three to four months with the right care and regular cleaning.

You ought to dispose of it when it is looking worn out or once three to four months have passed since you began using the application tool.

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