Dust Mite Cleaning - Murder By Numbers

Are you tired of waking up with no energy? Have you had it with the constant sneezing, coughing and runny nose? Believe me, I know how you feel. Not long ago, my friend's daughter was diagnosed with 'Dust Mite Allergies'. As it turns out, she is 1000 times more sensitive to these little critters than most. It took months to figure it out but we finally came up with a plan to help her.

The trick is reducing the dust mite population.

Dust mites live in residential areas and feed on the dead skin cells that we leave behind. The human body sheds approximately 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells EVERY HOUR! That's almost one million skin cells in a day! We leave lots of food for these microscopic buggers and there's nothing we can do about it. The trick lies in prevention. So, just how do you prevent dust mites from multiplying?

How To Clean For Dust Mites:

  1. Use A True HEPA Vacuum: To clean your mattresses and pillows and then encase them in covers meant to keep away dust mites (years ago, these covers were plastic but there are many options available now).
  2. Vacuum Regularly: With a True HEPA filtered vacuum , you will be trapping the dust mites and the allergens in the filter.
  3. Use A Damp Microfiber: When dusting, a feather duster or dry cloth will just push allergens around, not grab them. Microfibers trap allergens deep within.
  4. Keep carpeting and rugs to a minimum: Have a professional, green, dry treatment cleaning service done twice a year.
  5. Have a professional mattress treatment: Do this every six months. When done correctly, this treatment will immediately reduce the population of dust mites in the bedroom down to about 10% of the original.
  6. Use room or whole-house HEPA air purifiers: Vacuuming and dusting might spread these allergens into the air. Use them to filter airborne particles.
  7. Keep clutter to a minimum: Stuffed animals are a perfect breeding ground for dust mites. Wash them in hot water in a pillow case at least twice a year.
  8. Wash bedding in HOT water: Temperatures above 140° can be lethal for dust mites. We also know of an essential oil which is extremely effective. We would be happy to do a dust mite treatment for you.
How to eliminate dust mites

9. Use a dehumidifier:  Keeping relative         humidity  down below 50% will help prevent multiplication.  Dust mites go into survival mode when moisture is too low for them to reproduce.

10. Keep curtains and fabric window treatments to a minimum.

Following the above list will certainly make things easier for the allergy sufferer but we have more information that can reduce your dust mite population to less than 10% of what it is now. This will make a significant difference in symptoms and help control the dust mite population in your home.

For more information about dust mites, click our about dust mites page.