Eucalyptus Oil In Green Cleaning And Aromatherapy

The Eucalyptus is a flowering tree native to the Australian forests. You may have also heard it called the 'Gum' Tree.

Not only does it have an amusing name but it makes an interesting topic of conversation for doctors, researchers and botanists alike. The tree has many unique properties.

For example, have you seen the exploding trees in the Hunger Games movies?

This is a natural phenomenon that actually occurs during the hot Australian summers. This is due to the high vapor pressure of the Eucalyptus oil surrounding the trees.

Eucalyptus oil comes from the leaves of the Eucalyptus plant. Besides its explosive properties listed above, it is loaded with many benefits.

Green Cleaning With Eucalyptus

research study, done by the Cairo University Department of Microbiology and Immunology, published in 2008, concluded that Eucalyptus oil was extremely effective against gram positive bacteria, specific fungi and even certain types of cancer cells.

We can incorporate eucalyptus oil into our daily lives by using it in green cleaning and aromatherapy.

Here are seven ways to use Eucalyptus oil around the home:

1. Use it to treat asthma naturally.

Massage 1-3 drops of the oil on the chest. Soon, you will experience the soothing effects of the aroma as the oil works to dilate the blood vessels and calm the throat. As a result, you'll find that more oxygen is allowed in the lungs, and you can finally breathe normally again. Additionally, Eucalyptus oil is even great for treating asthma-like symptoms.

NOTE: Children under the age of 2 years should not use eucalyptus oil in this manner without consulting a doctor.

2. Relax muscles with Eucalyptus oil.

Isn't muscle pain seriously the worst? Of course, Eucalyptus oil can help relieve it! It best used for those of us who suffer from sprained muscles, aches, rheumatism, and more. To relax your muscles, you can massage the oil in a circular motion in the painful area.

3. An all-natural room freshener.

Forget all about those conventional, highly marketed and unhealthy air fresheners. Eucalyptus oil is a perfect alternative, and it is free of harmful chemicals found in most air fresheners. Because the oil works wonderfully as a natural anti-septic, it kills bacteria and germs in the air, keeping everything very clean and fresh.

4. Enjoy an all-natural, DIY spa day.

Because it is so calming and refreshing, Eucalyptus oil makes the perfect ingredient for a spa day. Run a hot bath and add your favorite essential oils and / or flower petals in addition to a few drops of Eucalyptus oil. You'll breathe in the calming vapors and feel incredibly relaxed and restored!

5. An easy hand cleaner / sanitizer.

This is an excellent way to get rid of all that grime on your hands after a long day. Plus, it's pretty relaxing, too! Mix sea salt, eucalyptus oil, and Epsom salt, and scrub it thoroughly on the hands.

6. Get rid of odors naturally.

Whether these odors come in the form of shoes, dogs, or garbage cans, they are all unpleasant. We can easily get rid of these unsavory odors by washing the items with a mixture of vinegar, water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil, then placing them outside, so that they can dry in the sun. Eucalyptus oil is a perfect, natural option for cleaning and sanitizing anything around the house.

7. A natural insect repellent.

Lemon Eucalyptus oil is also very effective against insects. Many popular brands use it to repel ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and several other flying pests. You can make your own homemade insect repellent by using a teaspoon of lemon eucalyptus, an ounce of witch hazel or vodka and about 4 ounces of water. Put it in a mist spray bottle and spray around your ankles, arms and neck. It's much safer than the chemical insect repellents.

These are just a few recipes for natural products that we have for you. We hope you like them. Come back often as we add  new ways to use essential oils around the home often!