Residential Deep Cleaning: Initial Thorough

The Initial Thorough, or Deep Cleaning service, sets up our customers' homes for a regular maintenance cleaning schedule. As the name implies, it is a very intensive, top to bottom cleaning. In this cleaning service, we start at the ceilings. Our cleaning specialists will wipe down, vacuum  nearly everything in the home . The only service more thorough than this would be the  Construction Cleanup.

Deep Cleaning Service

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The deep cleaning service starts at the top

Long Island House Cleaning Done Naturally

We start by vacuuming the corner of the ceilings with our 4 stage True HEPA backpack vacuums.We remove cobwebs, nested insects and all dust from this part of the house that is so hard to reach. We'll do a spot check to see that the ceilings in general are free of cobwebs also. We also clean light fixtures and ceiling fans in this part of the cleaning. We'll work our way down, including the door / window trim, wall hangings, window sills and ledges, baseboard heating and floor trim.

Once  all  of  the  above  has  been  thoroughly vacuumed,  we  will  wipe down  the surfaces in the room, starting at the top. We wipe down anything that collects dust using our all natural cleaning products and microfiber cloths. Common areas of these rooms might include; door trim, window trim, picture frames, wall hangings, furniture sides and tops, bookshelves, light fixtures, baseboard heating, and base trim. We generally do not go inside of closets or cabinets unless asked. All rooms in the house get this treatment. Kitchens and bathrooms not only get wiped for dust and stains, we also sanitize them.

Green Cleaning and Disinfecting Bathrooms And Kitchens

Because of the water in these rooms, kitchens and bathrooms tend to harbor the most germs. That's never a problem for our arsenal of natural disinfectants. We will be pre-soak the fixtures to let our cleaning products do their work while we wipe down the easy areas, like the cabinet tops and doors. We scrub all water bearing fixtures, rins them and wipe them clean. We'll wipe the tiles from top to bottom, including that tough to reach spot behind the toilet. In the kitchen, everything mentioned so far gets treated in the same fashion but we also do the inside of the microwave and the outside of the other appliances. You will never see harsh chemicals in our cleaning supplies. Our products always based on essential oils and other non-toxic ingredients.

Our Residential Cleaning Company Loves Your Floors

Once we have dusted and wiped everything above to a shine, we'll make sure the floors are a tough act to follow. Vacuuming is done with our HEPA 4 stage vacuums. That will always include under beds, furniture and anything else on the floor that we can move with a team of two. If we can't move it, we'll do the best that we can to get behind it. The crevice tool on the vacuum will remove anything hiding in the bottom corners. Our cleaning team will remove small area rugs and shake them outside so we can vacuum the floor underneath. . We wipe down any hard floors with microfiber cloths. We never use floor cleaning products that will leave a film on your floor.