Is Your Hotel Room Clean? You Might Want To Bring This with You

a clean hotel room

Staying in a five star hotel is what travelling is all about. You get exclusive concierge service, first-class room service and a full suite complete with a hot tub! That said, have you ever thought about how clean your hotel room or suite really is? Chances are when you first look at it, you would probably say yes and we would probably say maaaybe. Here is why…​​

Keep reading for some tips on how to sanitize your hotel room

Hotel Housekeeping

No matter how tidy your room appears to be, it may not be as clean as it looks. Take a closer look at the back of the TV. Is there dust gathering? How about the coffee pot or the glasses in the stand? One TV show recently revealed how some housekeeping staff members whisk through hotel rooms and it is not pretty. They sometimes prepare hundreds of rooms every day. It makes sense, from an efficiency standpoint, to overlook items that seem unused by the recent occupants, right?  Or, simply rearrange the coffee mugs and refill items to make them look spic and span.

Making Your Room Safe and Clean

​Since you never know in advance who the previous occupant was, or whether the hotel room has been properly cleaned or not, it is important to take charge of your health and that of your family. One simple way to do this is to bring a simple, yet effective cleaning aid to help you. Although it might sound like you are being paranoid, remember,  you are doing it for your family’s health and protection.

For a safer and healthier stay, it is best to use microfiber cloths. These amazing tools are made of polyester and polyamide fibers and are about the same size as a bandana. The fibers are split into about 1/100th of a hair’s size and woven together to create a network of traps that works great at catching dirt and other microscopic particles. Microfibers are perfect for cleaning remote controls, mugs and furniture as the fibers can reach even the tightest and smallest areas. You can also use them to remove soap scum that might be present in your hotel tub.

Traditional Cloth vs. Microfiber​

​​Unlike traditional washcloths or paper towels that push the dirt and germs around the surface, microfiber cloths trap the tiniest of particles and pull them deep inside the cloth. Furthermore, the cloths only release the dirt when you wash the fabric in hot water. It is important to note that microfiber cloths are capable of removing 99% of microbes, like mold, viruses and bacteria from hard surfaces, much like a disinfectant only without needing to carry a spray can around with you. Also, most microfiber cloths come in a variety of colors so it is easy to determine which cloth is used for a particular area and prevent cross contamination.

These cloths can also be used to wipe away fingerprints, grime, sticky residues, greases, dust and even food residues enabling ease of cleaning any place effectively. ​

Ensuring Your Family’s Health

When it comes to your family’s health as well as your own, it is important to be on guard. Using microfiber cloths effectively traps germs and bacteria ensuring your family’s welfare. Microfibers are light and re-usable many times over, they are easy to pack and come in handy whenever you travel. Microfibers are also lint-free and hypoallergenic. The average lifespan of a cloth is about 500 to 800 times, so you would be able to use it many times without having to worry about the cloth losing its effectiveness.

​Maybe the hotal staff did a great job cleaning your hotel room, maybe they didn’t. Certainly, if you travel a lot, you are going to run into a room that was turned over quickly and was not cleaned properly. A microfiber cloth packs into a space about the size of a pair of dress socks, so it doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase and the cleaning power of these tiny tools is truly amazing! Take one with you next time you travel, you’ll be glad you did.

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