How to Make Moving Simple With Professional Cleaning Services

moving with profession cleaning services

Would you consider housework and cleaning labor? The United States government did, having its Bureau of Labor Statistics report that in 2015, women spent an average of 29 minutes cleaning (men, just 10 minutes a day, but that adds up too!). What could you do with an extra 10 to 30 minutes a day?

​When you hire professional cleaning services, you can find out!

While half an hour may not seem like much, that’s an entire episode of your favorite television show, half a spin class, a quick happy hour beer, or a game of fetch with your pup. Read on to find out how you can get more time back in your day and “clean up” tasks that take you away from your favorite things in life!

Don’t DIY Your Cleaning Supply

We hear a lot about outsourcing these days, and not all of it is good.

The word itself, which just basically means issuing tasks you are not yourself doing to someone else, gets a bad rap.

But outsourcing can be a good thing when it frees people up to work their skill sets and gives the outsourced tasks to people who excel at them.

Consider all you do in a day.

Whew! Still with us?

Now consider what you need to keep up with a good cleaning, including all of the supplies and tools, which can add up to a major investment. In fact, if you’re part of the “small space” craze, you may not even have room for:

  • ​Vaccum
  • Scrubbers
  • Dusting poles
  • Cleaners for various types of surfaces
  • Microfiber cloths

​This is time away from your family, work, hobbies, pets, and personal development.

Instead of trying to take it on yourself as yet another DIY project, consider that adding professional cleaning services to your roster is the good side of outsourcing.

You’re hiring a green team that has the tools and knowledge of the best ways to clean already in their skill zone.

Going Green with a Professional Clean

Ever stand in the cleaning products aisle at the mass merchandiser and just feel like your mind is about to explode?

It’s tough to pick the right products these days, even if you have good intentions to buy only cleaning supplies that are kind to the Earth.

In fact, studies show that 8 out of every 10 products on those shelves are harmful to either us or the environment or both.

For most of us, cleaning is already a chore. Now we’re learning that something we have to force ourselves to do can harm us, too?

That’s where you can really save yourself and your health by hiring professional cleaning services.

In fact, there are actually pro cleaners who solely use environmentally-friendly products (you can ask!). Sort of like green clean specialists.

Feel free to ask your prospective cleaners or check their websites for information. If they clean green, you can be sure they’ll advertise it!

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you hire, you should inquire.

And we don’t (yet) mean asking about the actual cleaning products.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you even get to searching for a cleaner:

  • How often do I want cleaning? Once a week? Every month?
  • ​Am I OK with being out of the house for the cleaning? (This often means issuing your cleaners a set of keys for your home.)
  • ​What about my pets? You may have to agree to remove the pets from the home, enclose them in a room (which will then not get cleaned), and should definitely clarify whether your cleaners will be using pet-friendly/safe products.
  • ​Are there health issues I need to make my cleaners aware of? Certain cleaning products can set off allergies, asthma, and other illnesses.
  • ​Do I want to look for a sole provider? (That’s a team of one!) Or would I rather have multiple people cleaning my place at the same time?
  • ​​Do I have any special “one-time” type issues that I would like the cleaner to address, like: mold, stains, or cobwebs?​
 And Questions for the Cleaners, Too!

Your consultation with the prospective cleaners will cover all the major bases including the professional cleaning services’ preferences for tools, supplies, and timing.

But you need to also cover some of the specifics:

  • ​Ask them what type of payment they accept. This should be on their website, but you don’t want to get stuck holding a bill after the cleaning and find out they do not accept credit cards, the only thing you have in the house.
  • ​It never hurts to ask about specials! You’ll often save if you book a package (either repeating sessions like every week or a certain number of cleanings paid for together at the time). You can also ask whether they have discounts for seniors, veterans, or new customers, and check sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, too!
  • ​​Find out their availability. It stinks to come to accept you need help, then learn that you have to wait three months for a spot to open up!

Make Your Move with Professional Cleaning Services

Are your bags all packed?

Boxes stuffed to the brim?

If you’ve already alerted the post office of your new address, stuffed your car or moving van full, and gotten all the perishables out of the fridge, you may be thinking you’re all set to move out of your apartment and into your new place…

But wait!

There’s something you forgot and don’t worry, it’s really easy to overlook.

In the rush to move somewhere new, we often forget that we signed a lease agreement that stated we could be putting our rental deposit at risk if we don’t clean our current place before moving out.

Cleaning before we go is usually the last thing on our minds, but it should be.

And you’d be surprised at what you’ll get penalized for – maybe a stray piece of dust on the floor, some leftover soap scum on the tub.

Rental deposits are huge amounts of money and can go a long way towards your new rent.

Professional cleaning services are an ideal way to take major steps towards getting your rental deposit back!

In fact, you can consider the fee you’ll pay for the cleaning paid for out of what you’ll get back from the apartment leasing team! It kind of pays for itself, doesn’t it!

Clean Up Today!

Whether you’re on the move to a new place, want a total home refresh in advance of company coming to visit, or just want to pass off the cleaning chores onto a team that knows what they’re doing, the time is now!

Click here to request an estimate for our cleaning services. Tell us just a little bit about your home (we do offices and other facilities too!) and we will put together a cost-effective plan that will have you seeing squeaky clean soon.

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