Long Island Cleaning Service: Move In Cleaning

We know how difficult moving can be when you buy a new house in Long Island. You schedule the closing date only to find out that the home you are moving into is not ready for your arrival during the final walk-through. We may not be able to help you get your paperwork in order for the mortgage lender, but e can take a load off of your back when it comes to cleaning. Our moving cleaning service can help you move in or out on time, without having to leave the kids at your mother-in-laws! Call our Long Island green cleaning team to schedule your move in cleaning.


Our Moving Cleaning Service

If you are moving out of a rental apartment or summer house, you know the property should be turned back to the owner in 'broom clean' condition, or at least in the same clean condition that you found when you moved in. Often, you can lose your rental deposit if you don't do a move out cleaning.

We can help you move in; on schedule.

Whether you are taking a summer vacation, moving into a new house or upgrading your apartment, let us do the cleaning for you. Below, you will find a list of details about the move in/out cleaning:

*If the house is vacant, we'll include certain items normally only included in the Deep / Custom cleaning plans.

Moving Cleaning Service

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What is included in the moving cleaning service: 

All Rooms

The moving cleaning in all rooms includes:

  • Ceiling corners vacuumed
  • Hi hat light fixtures vacuumed
  • Wall and hanging light fixtures wiped clean
  • Door trim vacuumed and wiped
  • Window trim vacuumed and wiped
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Base trim vacuumed and wiped
  • Floors vacuumed and steam mopped

Bedrooms/Common Rooms

  • Inside of closets vacuumed thoroughly
  • Shelves inside closets wiped down*


  • Top of wall cabinets and refrigerator vacuumed and wiped down
  • Counter tops wiped down and sanitized
  • Inside of wall and base cabinets vacuumed and cleaned*
  • We clean the inside of the oven*
  • Inside of refrigerator cleaned*


  • Inside of medicine cabinet wiped
  • Wall and base cabinets vacuumed / wiped
  • Counters wiped and sanitized
  • All fixtures scrubbed, wiped and sanitized
  • Air vents are vacuumed

*Inside of closets / cabinets / appliances: cleaning is included if the house is vacant of furnishings.