Post Construction Cleaning-Long Island

The Post Construction cleaning service prepares your home for the family after that major renovation or new house construction. You can also call our Long Island cleaning service after a minor remodel, no job is too small. Since the contractors have many possibilities and variations for the construction work that they can do on your home. The plan of attack for the cleaning may also vary for each unique site. We are always happy to accommodate you no matter where you need us to clean.

For a detailed list of other items cleaned during our residential cleaning, please visit our Maintenance Cleaning page.


Remodeling - New Construction Cleaning

We realize that in addition to the endless possibilities the post construction cleaning may entail, each customer is unique and may have personal preferences as to the detail involved in the cleaning. We'll never force you into a cookie-cutter mold of a cleaning plan. We're flexible!

Home owners, landlords, property managers, house sharing families and a growing list of construction companies call upon our green cleaning services. We understand post construction cleaning and we are happy to coordinate our services with general contractors to get the job done right and on time.

99% of the time, the house renovations that we clean are vacant inside. The list we have prepared below reflects that fact. Your specific needs and the condition of the job site are the basis of the cleaning we do at your home. For example: the window stickers are sometimes already removed by the contractor. If there is something not on the list that you need done to get your house in the condition you need to move in, please ask.

Post Construction Cleaning

Cleaning done right

On Time, On Budget

Here are a few of the cleaning services we offer :

Standard Service - All Rooms

  • Vacuuming starts at the ceilings
  • Vacuum and wipe ceiling fans
  • Vacuumed HVAC vents
  • Door and window trim vacuumed/wiped
  • Window sills wiped/dusted
  • Remove minor debris
  • Vacuumed and wipe wall trim
  • Floor trim vacuumed and wiped
  • Floors are vacuumed and steam mopped
  • Door knobs sanitized, doors wiped down
  • Light switches/covers wiped


  • Lamps and lampshades dusted
  • Chair fabric vacuumed/wiped
  • Furniture wiped down
  • Dining room table wiped down
  • Furniture will be vacuumed underneath
  • Countertops cleaned and sanitized
  • Fixtures cleaned and sanitized
  • Appliances wiped down
  • Inside of cabinets and drawers vacuumed and wiped


  • Window stickers removed
  • Closet shelves vacuumed and wiped
  • Closet floors vacuumed and wiped
  • Light fixtures and shades cleaned
  • Under heating elements thoroughly vacuumed


  • We remove light fixtures and shades where possible, to wash them
  • Air vents are vacuumed
  • We wipe down the medicine cabinet on the inside and outside
  • Mirrors wiped and polished
  • Wall tiles cleaned
  • Vanity top, cabinet exterior and interior wiped down/sanitized
  • Back splashes wiped down and sanitized
  • Faucet, handles and sink basin wiped/sanitized
  • Entire toilet fixture cleaned and sanitized
  • Bathtub or shower: fixture and enclosure wiped and sanitized
  • Base molding vacuumed and wiped
  • Floors vacuumed and hand wiped

Have you got a post construction cleaning project?

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