Simplifying College Dorm Life

how to clean your dorm

Having our children go from high school into college recently has taught us quite a bit about the transition to college life. We’ve watched them grow from being totally dependent on us to being almost totally independent in what seems like overnight. Believe it or not young adults, you don’t need your parents to keep your new personal space clean. A little time and planning will go a long way towards simplifying college dorm life.

Being a student away from home will introduce you to all sorts of new experiences. Some of them will be welcome (freedom) and some might not (responsibility). The two of them can go hand in hand if you just learn to maximize the few moments of spare time that you have.

In the teachings of Tao, the walrus asks the centipede, ‘I hop about on one leg but not very successfully, how do you manage all those legs?’, ‘I don’t manage them’ replied the centipede. ‘My legs work without my being conscious of the fact.’ Once you master these simple principles, they will become as easy as 1-2-3!


3 Ways to Simplify College Dorm Life

1. Live In The Moment: Be mindful of the big picture and let the little details work themselves out. If you try to manage every little detail, you will find yourself overloaded with work and worries which will only slow you down. Don’t worry about the future, the past or every little problem. As Alice Liu says, “All things are cracked, that’s where the light comes in“.

2. Divide And Rule: You don’t need to spend the whole weekend cleaning if you don’t want to. The trick is to break the big jobs down into smaller tasks and do a little bit each day. You can actually save even more time if you avert the impending disorder by maintaining your surroundings on the fly.

3. Do It NOW!: Don’t procrastinate. You can tell yourself all you want that you’ll make time for it tomorrow but the longer you wait, the harder the work becomes. There are only 86,400 seconds in each day. Use each one wisely! Don’t forget to schedule time to relax.

If you can master these three basic rules, the rest will flow easily. Develop time saving habits. You can do it if you pay close attention to the time you have. At first, it will seem like a lot to work into your day. This is true only because you have to adjust your schedule at the beginning. Once you start the process, however, it will become habit and you will actually end up with more free time since won’t you have the CHORE of cleaning at the end of the week. Try it out, you’ll see!


Small Changes = Big Results

Remember, clean as you go. You might feel as if you are always rushing from one class to another. From one meeting or social event to another. Who has TIME to clean?!? Believe it or not, you do. It’s just a matter of creating good habits. It takes less than 30 seconds to wipe the mirror after your shower and the steam from the shower actually helps you save time since you don’t have to spray anything on it! The time saving trick is to keep a microfiber cloth nearby.

In conclusion, all of this sounds simple, right? Well, it is but we have a list to make it even easier. Please read, How to Clean Your Dorm in 30 Seconds if you are serious about simplifying college life.

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