How to Switch to Green Cleaning

how to switch to green cleaning

You walk down the stairs, lugging your cleaning caddy full of bleach, shower tile cleaner, and glass cleaner. Little do you know, there are now more unpleasant things lurking in your house. Oh, the irony of cleaning conventionally! You thought you were finished; but instead of cleaning your house, you have dirtied it all over again with poisons! No one ever told you how to switch to green cleaning…

When using conventional cleaners to disinfect surfaces, you are indeed killing the bacteria; but you are also releasing harmful chemicals into the air that you breathe! If you are still using these cleaners, you may be experiencing itching hands after scrubbing your shower, or worse – fainting spells!

Maybe you’re tired of donning your mask and rubber gloves every time you clean the house. You may just be fed up with the amount of chemicals that are negatively impacting you, your children, and the environment. In that case, this guide is for you!


Why Switch to Green Cleaning

Are you wondering why you should switch to green cleaning? When we clean with toxic chemicals, we ingest them through our lungs. When our hands or any body part comes in contact with toxic chemicals, we are absorbing them through our skin. Once you add it all up, you’ll find that you are exposed to more toxins than you initially thought!

The average person is exposed to more than two million toxins daily! Many of these toxins are carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, skin irritants, and pollutants that lead to degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. When you learn how to switch to green cleaning, you will limit the amount of toxins you and your family come in contact with every day. You also reduce the amount of toxins that get into our water supply.


How To Switch To Green Cleaning

If you’re an all or nothing type of person, ditch it all right away. Others may need to gradually phase out of using conventional cleaners. Throw that mask out while you’re at it. You won’t be needing that anymore!

Reduce waste by using cloth instead of paper to clean. The average person goes through 45 pounds of paper towels annually. Instead, use microfiber cloths which are reusable, more absorbent, and require less pressure when scrubbing surfaces.

Reuse old glass bottles and containers. They can be re-purposed for storing your detergents and homemade cleaners. To build your green cleaning toolkit, start with these basic necessities. It is highly recommended to invest in the first five. Essential oils, for example, can be added to your supply later.

Glass spray bottles

Microfiber cloths

Baking soda

Distilled white vinegar

Castile soap

Lemons or lemon juice


Essential oils (specifically tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus oil)


How to Use These Products

There are numerous ways to use these ingredients for cleaning. It’s quite simple, really. Five recipes may need three or four of the same ingredients, just in different amounts! These common household items are what make green cleaning so cost-effective. You may even want to focus on cleaning your house with just vinegar. There are various ways to clean with all of these ingredients. To give you a starting point, here are a few basic recipes that you can make. For each recipe, simply mix the ingredients together in a glass spray bottle.


All-Purpose Cleaner

½ cup vinegar

3 cups water

4 drops tea tree oil



¼ cup borax

½ gallon hot water


Window Cleaner

2 teaspoons distilled white vinegar

4 cups warm water


Green Cleaning Tips

It is easiest when starting out to work on one recipe at a time, transitioning slowly. Start with an all-purpose cleaner, then a disinfectant, then the window cleaner the following week. Next, you may decide to switch out your detergent for a DIY or eco-friendly detergent.

Be careful that you do not combine Castile soap (an alkaline) with vinegar (an acid). The reaction cancels out the effectiveness of both the soap and the vinegar. It also will leave a stubborn, white film on surfaces. Any alkaline and acid mixed together will end up canceling each other out.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have a busy schedule or large house, consider choosing a house cleaning service to do the dirty work for you. Our house cleaning service will put all of their hard work into making sure that your house is sparkling clean and disinfected, using only natural and safe cleaning products.

Finally, whether you choose to clean your house yourself, or have a green cleaning company do it for you, you’ll be making your home a clean and healthy living space. Switching to green cleaning is a simple process that yields major results. Even your bank account benefits. Instead of buying 39 cleaners, you are buying a few cheap products and making your own cleaners. You’re investing in your health, reducing waste, and preventing toxicity by purifying your living environment. By switching from conventional cleaning to green cleaning you have said “goodbye” to fainting episodes, masks, and harmful cleaners. Now, that’s how to switch to green cleaning. Good luck on your journey!

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